Commercial Cleaning Equipment

When Your Business Relies on Your Equipment, VacWorks understands the needs of commercial cleaning companies: More than reliable, you need the right equipment for the types of cleaning you do.


  • No Charge Consultation – Whether you work in homes, offices or industrial buildings, a knowledgeable and helpful VacWorks representative will discuss your cleaning needs and your expectations and will help you find the right equipment and service
  • The Right Equipment – The cleaning situations you face are unique and you need name-brand commercial cleaning equipment that is best suited for the work you do:
  • Carpet and Upholstery cleaners
  • HEPA Filter equipped vacuum cleaners
  • Lightweight and specialty cleaning equipment
  • Accessories and attachments
  • Bulk Purchase Discounts – From a few to a fleet, we have pricing that fits your budget
  • Fast, Reliable Service – Your business depends on your equipment, so you need it repaired fast. We have a large selection of parts and our factory trained technicians will keep you running. Most repairs are done within an hour
  • 100% Guaranteed – Everything we do: our new commercial cleaning equipment, the parts we sell, the repairs we do for you, all are guaranteed, including materials and workmanship.



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